Advertising agency
of digital technologies
more than 10 years of experience
We are an agency of digital advertising technologies. We are a team of professionals in outdoor advertising
screens 5х15meters
We have the largest network of wide-format digital surfaces on the key highways in Moscow. We also have a priority rights for placement in the area of railway infrastructure
up to 11 000 000 contacts
Wide format - broad coverage. By 2020, we plan to cover the largest Russian cities

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LED equipment supply
LED equipment supply
Our company cooperates with the world's leading manufacturers of LED and related equipment. We offer full cycle: supply, installation, commissioning and subsequent service advertising digital equipment.
development design documentation
development design documentation
Our company provides services of hardware development, as well as the supporting construction.
development of promotional mechanic
development of promotional mechanic
We provide our customers with an advanced interactive features for complex advertising campaigns. If you need non-standard advertising that will attract the attention of millions - you are welcome! We will find something special for you.
content creation
content creation
We can adapt existing content or create a new one, which would be a specially designed for digital outdoor advertising content . Our designers have a great experience in content creation for Digital formats.
campaign mediametry
campaign mediametry
Digital Signage provides great opportunities for ads measuring and evaluating : conversion tracking, reporting on impressions, A \ B tests. In cooperation with our partners we provide the statistics on the advertising campaign after what we prepare some reports with recommendations for optimization.
Laysa Digital LLC

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